In Which I Confess to Shipping Bros

First of all: I don’t mean it that way.

Nothing against slash — if that’s how you roll, well that’s how you roll. Not my place to judge.

But that’s not the ship I’m referring to.

I like friendship fanfics.

I know, there are two controversial words in that four-word sentence.

(A) Friendship

As far as fanfic writers are concerned, friendship really is super vanilla. It’s boring. Right? I mean, I understand. If I had to write fanfic (and I have — Slam Dunk fanfic, if you need to know) I would want to write something a little racier or at least interesting. Friendship seems a little too ordinary when you can write about two men getting pregnant together (not that I want to, okay — my Slam Dunk fanfic involved zero male pregnancies, just to be clear).

(B) Fanfic

Ah, yes. Fanfiction. It’s not exactly “respectable”, but sometimes a girl’s gotta read what a girl’s gotta read. (Totally untrue, but sometimes reading fanfic is fun.) I try to avoid really out-of-character fics, or the ones that have atrocious grammar. I try not to read super smutty ones unless I want to induce heavy-duty shower scrubbing afterwards. But yeah, guilty as hell on reading fanfics.

Okay, then.

Obviously I like reading fanfics of my non-canon ships, like Draco and Hermione from the Harry Potter books/series. This is the only way I get to read the characters I like in romantic situations, so hell yes I am so reading these fanfics.  Plus, some writers are seriously freaking awesome that reading their work is enjoyable.

(Weeding through the bad ones can be a chore, though. Blurgh.)

But you know what my favorite HP universe fanfic is? This one, about Harry and Draco getting fucking sloshed at a Muggle bar. Yeah, it’s got a bit of Dramione, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the fuckers had such a fun time getting sloshed and disrupting Hermione’s peaceful life, and it’s just so fun. I like it a lot, obviously.

Admittedly, I like stories of drunken shenanigans so there’s that immediate appeal, but also I think Draco and Harry would be super awesome pals. Like, I just know they would like each other if they weren’t literally trying to murder one another. (That curb stomp bit in Deathly Hallows, though. Woof.)

I have no proof of them being super awesome buddies, but I stand by this friendship ship.

I ship Johnlock, too, but again — not that way.

I like how John and Sherlock are friends, and how Sherlock keeps pissing John off and how John has very little control and may one day just throw Sherlock out of the apartment they share.

I don’t want them to fuck.


I just want them to be super bros, like they’re happy and chilling and having tea and occasionally attempting to murder one another. (Admit it: if you lived with Sherlock you’d think about murdering him maybe once per day.)

And then now of course there’s my favorite BrOTP: Rick and Daryl from the Walking Dead.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.23.35 AM

I have to admit I like the idea of Beth and Daryl (never bought the Carol thing — dude barely looks at her, come on) because it seems like something that could bcool even if they never went the Glenn and Maggie route. Just seeing them as really good friends who might be slightly more than friends is awesome enough for me.

But Rick and Daryl? Damn. Bros are bros.

When Rick went “you’re my brother”, I was like fucking yeah.

It’s just nice, I think, to have great friendships onscreen. Admirable ones, where they enjoy hitting one another occasionally but never lose sight of the bromance. It’s endearing.

Maybe it says a bit more about me than I’d like to acknowledge, but I find strong friendships a lot more interesting than romantic pairings. It’s a lot less angst, too, because mostly you have these bros just doing whatever shit they’re into and they love each other but they kind of won’t go into detail and it’s okay. It’s cool.

Is this a John Woo thing? I grew up watching Woo’s homoerotic Chow Yun Fat movies (Hard Boiled is my favorite, especially with the hospital blowup finale) and I think I always liked how these friendships were so much less complicated than romantic relationships.

I mean, they are friends, they sometimes bash each other’s faces in, but then they’re friends again after. That’s all I want in life. I want to have a friend I love so much that we can try to strangle each other but still stay friends.

Is that too much to ask?

(Corollary: did I also admit to wanting to hit my friends?)


5 thoughts on “In Which I Confess to Shipping Bros

  1. I write about friends in my stories a lot, because I think we don’t have a lot of good friendship stories, in any medium. (Especially in poetry. A poet I know is working – or has finished – a collection of poems about friendships, because it’s a topic we don’t see in contemporary poems.)

    Usually, if there are friends in a story, sooner or later they will fall in love, fall out of love, and walk away from each other. Why can’t they just be friends? Why can’t it be a story about two people who are not related by blood but will forever have each other’s backs?

    PS I HATE RICK. Haha.

    • This is why I love your story “December”! I like platonic. It’s great and it’s very interesting. Not everything has to be romantic, as you said. I think friendship is often more admirable, because it is less demanding, jealous, etc etc. although that might just be me commenting based on the romantic relationships I’ve seen around me.

      As for Rick – I like him *now* after the s4 finale. Before that I was all ughhhh as far as the Lori-Rick-Shane thing was concerned. I super like rick and daryl though hahaha

  2. Omg Draco and Harry would so be the greatest friends, I agree. I can’t help my slasher tendencies, though. I really slash everything, but it’s usually male relationships that I enjoy the most, can you believe that? ISHIPREMUSSIRIUSANDWROTEALOVETRIANGLEFANFICWITHJAMESTHROWNINSORRYWORLD.

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