In Which I Explain (Unnecessarily) Why I Haven’t Been Updating

I know no one actively cares why I don’t update here but I’d just like to put in a quick note in case anyone wants to know. Or not. Whatever.

Anyway, there are a few reasons why I haven’t been updating.

Number 1: Norman fucking Reedus.

Close friends tend to make fun of my taste in men. I kind of like them grungy-looking. I don’t like guys with giant muscles like Arnie. I just like manly men.

Right now there’s no one more manly than Norman Reedus as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve been watching Boondock Saints 1 and 2 repeatedly these past few weeks, and I am about to bite the bullet and watch The Walking Dead just so I can gawk at Norman Reedus a bit more.

I cannot think. I cannot work. I can only make googly eyes at Mr. Reedus whenever he’s onscreen. Siggghhhhh.

Number 2: I have nothing to say.


I rarely have anything I want to say now, not even about the books I read.

I’ve been busy with comic books and a few non-fiction reads, but I just can’t find any motivation to write reviews.

I am out of opinions, I think. (Unless the question is: “how fucking hot is Norman Reedus on a scale of one to fuck yeah?” Because then I have a lot to say.)

Number 3: I have a journal. 

Like a real journal, with paper and shit. I have a journal, and I can write all the damn things I want to write in there without fear.

Since I can write my innermost thoughts in that journal, there’s really nothing left for me to share here.

And that’s that.


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