Empire State of Mind


I don’t always agree with US government policies. As a student of international relations I have very strong opinions regarding hegemony and aggression.

However, today I’d like to express my thanks.

Thank you, Empire State Building administrators.

I know it’s a simple gesture. It probably didn’t take much effort.

But in the aftermath of one of the most horrific disasters to hit my country, it’s the first image to really make me cry – in a good way.

I think I might be overly dramatic at the moment, but I’m truly thankful.

It’s not just the United States, really. Everyone who has taken the time to care, to help, to extend whatever hand to help our people get through this, I sincerely thank you.

I think the picture just sums up the reality that others care, and that our people may be going through an awful lot but at least we’re not alone.

Thank you.

(With that said, if you want to donate, just click on the UNICEF and Red Cross badges on my sidebar. Thank you a hundred times.)


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