The Bag Organization Project – An Update

Alright, so I recently mentioned (aka shared unnecessarily) that I’m working on organizing my bag, because my life is spiraling out of control and I’m trying to feel like I’m still in charge.

That’s excessively dramatic. My life is not literally spiraling out of control. It’s just a little hectic right now. Good hectic, obviously, since I’m trying to solve my issues by organizing my bag, rather than by pickling my liver with vodka, which is my usual response.

No vodka. Bad vodka.

(Side note: it’s impossible to drink vodka these days anyway, since Manila is threatening to secede and move to hell.)

An Apology

On to even more unnecessary sharing. By now I will understand if you get fed up and just leave this blog forever. I know. I know. No one wants to see stupid posts about how I’m organizing my bag. I’m so so so sorry. Really, really sorry.

Not sorry enough to stop talking about this obviously, but I hope you accept my apology and my digital kisses (which are obviously better than my physical kisses).

So. The project.

A Satchel Challenge

Last time I said I had an awesome backpack, and I do. The problem is that I sort of got distracted one day last week, when I opened the closet and saw my pretty leather satchel sitting there waiting for me to fall in love with it again. So now the backpack is in the closet and my leather satchel is here happy beside me.

The satchel in question.

Problem: the satchel is not very spacious. Where I managed to stash half my house in the backpack, I now have to think strategically in order to make the most of the space inside this satchel.

It’s a challenge and I love it.


How awesome is that? I’m no engineer, but this is a challenge that really drives me nuts. I have to be smart about this, which is a great thing, because I love puzzles. This is the sort of project that can really get me going. I have to actually think. Do you know how great that is?

Okay, so we’ve established that I have mental issues.

Moving on.

I’ve managed to make the bag work so far. Had to really pare down to the essentials. I do intend to get a different satchel – one that’s bespoke and so will have a bit more space than the satchel I have right now. Until then, though, I just have to make the most of this one and the challenge it poses.

An Awesome Toiletry/Medicine/Makeup Kit

I found the perfect toiletry bag at Muji. Yes, by now you’re shaking your head and saying things like, who the fuck waxes poetic over a toiletry bag? I do, reader person. I do.


I’ve been looking for something like this for some time now, so can just imagine my joy when I finally saw it today. All the other toiletry bags I’ve seen so far are either tacky, too small, too big, or without compartments.

This one is perfect in size, it’s black and nondescript, plus it has compartments. I am extremely happy, because I was very likely dropped when I was a baby.

Tadah! All of the things.

Onwards But Maybe Not Upwards

I fully realize that this is a stupid project. I know. But it’s fun, and I think it’s fun, and I have no one to talk to about it but you, reader person. My sisters are sick of me stroking the toiletry bag I bought earlier. I am starting to look unhinged.

I realize it doesn’t help that I’ve written this post and published it online to chronicle my descent into bag organization madness for all of time. Not that I’m never talking about this bag project again. I’m in too deep now.

Pray for me.


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