Life Projects, 2013 Edition

These past few days I've been quite swamped with work — both full-time and freelance. I have a pretty nice job at multinational firm, plus a few freelance projects on Odesk. Everything's in full swing at the moment, and so I'm sort of overwhelmed.

Not that I'm complaining, of course. Just a few months back I think I almost had a heart attack in the middle of a mall. I had just received an email informing me that the content company I worked part-time for was shutting down. It was the second “sorry, you're out of work” email I'd received in one week. How's that for fucking unfortunate?

So yes, I'm abso-fucking-lutely happy that I'm swimming in work. That's not something I can ever afford to complain about again.

Again, this isn't a complaint; I just thought I needed to give you some context before I start explaining these new projects I've embarked on. Yes. Projects. Motherfucking plural. I have three personal projects right now, and I've never been happier.

See, having a project is an easy way to take control. When I think things are going nuts and my body feels like it's fraying from the pressure, it helps to have a nice project to work on. It keeps the mind busy. It forces me to focus. So, obviously, three projects.

Project 1: The Perfect Backpack

So I already own the perfect backpack. It's got a special compartment for my sunglasses — what more can anybody ask for?

Backpack Of My Life

That's step one.

I figured that I'd like to have a backpack that's totally awesome, and that it should contain nothing but the things I'd actually need. I sort of have the tendency to carry around stuff that I don't always need, like seven lipsticks. I used to carry eyeliner around, even if I don't know how to use eyeliner and I never ever fucking wear eyeliner. It's a problem.

So yeah, I decided that I'd like to curate my bag. It's my favorite word right now, “curate”. Doesn't it sound so intelligent and formal? Curate.

My linguistic fetishes aside, I just decided that I'd like my backpack to contain the best of the best. I want nothing but stuff that I can show off to people, no matter how stupid. Like this cute little panda pouch I bought last week.


So I decided to make an Excel document of all the things I currently have in my bag, all the replacements I want, and where I can buy the stuff. This is not a very intelligent project.

The project has since led me to get rid of the things I don't need, but it has also led me to buy a tin of mints online, just because it says “snog me senseless”.

Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Mints

I'll try to do one of those “what's in my bag” posts when I finally have my perfect backpack. (Minor side note: I love those voyeuristic bag posts and I can spend hours on Tumblr scrolling, but those posts soon devolve into massively shitty “look at all the branded designer shit I managed to buy omigodlolzwooh”. Fuck teenagers. On second thought, don't.)

Project 2: I Want an iMac Project

I am most definitely not a financially savvy person. I suck at math. Okay, I don't. However, I'm not very good at it, especially when it comes to my own money. I think I was working so hard that at some point I just figured that swag was the best way to make up for all of it.

Boys and girls: that is not a good idea.

Anyway, I saw a lovely iMac at the mall the other day, and I just realized: this is is going to be awesome for watching movies. I just got my Firefly and Serenity DVDs, so hell yeah I want a nice screen. Apart from that, though, I think it would be great to have a proper desktop computer again. My laptop is dying (I threw the battery out already) and so I think it's time for a replacement.


Except I have no money.

So of course I've decided that it's time to teach myself about financial fitness. I have always relied on the “kindness” of credit cards. I pay off big-ticket purchases with the 0% monthly plan. I never miss a payment, but this time I thought I should start living a bit more frugally.

I've decided that I'm going to save up enough money for a new computer, and that I'm not buying it till I have actual cash in my hands. It's going to take a long time, but it just feels like the more mature thing to do, right? Besides, it's a good project to distract me from buying unnecessary things, like mint tins with funny words on them.

Project 3: Online Portfolio

Just in case you have the memory span of a goldfish: I am a freelance writer. And so, sometimes it's useful to have a portfolio you can show clients. I currently have a portfolio page on this blog, but I was thinking I'd like to build a proper one.

But that's not the real reason for this project.

Let me backtrack a bit.

I started learning HTML and CSS a few days ago for work (like real work work, not freelance). I already know a bit, since I designed my Tumblr theme a few years back, for fun. I have a very happy definition of fun, but not everyone shares it.

So yeah, it's great. I just realized how much I missed this.

You know I keep saying this, but somehow I regret not becoming a programmer. I work with programmers everyday, and they are magicians. Imagine typing in a few words in a language of your own, then seeing something taking shape before your very eyes.


I mean, seriously, that is the most awesome thing ever, right? You type words, things happen. Fucking magic.

And so I decided to take on a project that would use my newly acquired skills in HTML and CSS. Nothing fancy yet, because I'm still in chapter 3, but I think I can make use of this and create a fun portfolio of my own.

It helps that I have an in-house designer, aka my sister. She's a graphic artist and I've already forced to promise that she'll help me with the images when the time comes. It's just a simple portfolio, though, so really I won't need much more than a few cute buttons and a header.

The End

And that's it! Three projects, and hopefully they all come to fruition because otherwise shit I just told everyone about the shitty projects in my brain and they will all know when I fail to complete anything. Motherfucker.



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