In Which I Think I’ve Found the Most Chilling Children’s Story Ever


The Thief of Always

Clive Barker


I'm kind of sad that I didn't read this until now, but I'm also happy because it's such a wonderful experience.

I love reading books for children. Mainly it's because I'm always a child, and partly because I want to find books that I can recommend to my nephew and niece.

I was expecting this to be a fun little adventure story. I have not read anything by Clive Barker before (yes, please condemn me now) so I really didn't know what to expect.

As you probably know by now, it's not ordinary in any sense of the word. It's chilling. As the story progressed I found my brows attempting to hug one another for comfort. I think it might have given me a few new wrinkles.

It's scary.

Let me just put that out there.

I think what makes it so scary is the fact that it starts out like any other children's story. It promises adventure and fun. You know how Wendy left with Peter in the middle of the night, and we all thought it was a fun adventure?

It turns the usual children's story on its head, and the result is ice poured into my veins.

Interestingly, I also got slightly teary near the end.

I'm giving this book the highest honor I can possibly think of: I'm giving a copy of it to my nephew for Christmas.



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