The Year of Financial Maturity

I am not young.

This is a fact. But it is only relevant because this is the year I turn 30, and this is the first time I'm experiencing an actual financial shock.

Monday, one of my long-term clients shut its doors. Yesterday my other client closed down, too.

It is very, very shocking that I have not taken to drinking at the moment, because that would have been my initial reaction had this happened two or three years ago.

It's a shock, because I've always had a steady source of income, writing for clients overseas. I do have a full-time job, but I need my freelance work to actually have a bit more financial fluidity. Now that they're gone, I only have enough money for the basics.

This post by Carina really hits home.

I've always wanted to improve my finances, because I do spend a little too much. I just spent a ton of money on comic books two weeks ago. I don't even think about these expenses, you know?

I just find some way to pay them off, and I'm never in debt. Now, though? I have to count every penny.

Although I have been catatonic about the whole thing so far (took a break to scream my head off at the Stars concert last night) I do think this might be good for me.

Maybe deprivation is something I need.

I have been very indulgent in a lot of ways. This is why I've gained much weight in the last five or so years. I just think I shouldn't deprive myself because I work hard and everything. Now, though? I'm not so sure. Maybe indulging myself all the time isn't a good idea, and I should learn the value of deprivation.

It's not like I have a choice now, anyway.


3 thoughts on “The Year of Financial Maturity

  1. I order shit a lot online and I think it creates an illusion of depravity… because I’m always empty-handed until I get the shipments. One after the other. While they haven’t arrived here, I feel like I have nothing new. So I look for new things to buy. 😦

    But there, 24/7 indulgence isn’t good either, so let’s ignore Guerlain together.

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