18 – Viewless Dark


If there’s anything I’m thankful for about the advent of Twitter, it’s the fact that I “met” Eliza Victoria. It’s a terrible truth that I rarely read local authors, mainly because of the subject matter. I don’t really pick books for any reason other than the plot. If it doesn’t interest me then it doesn’t interest me. No amount of persuasion can get me to read it.

That’s precisely the reason I didn’t see (and still haven’t) Avatar.

But Eliza Victoria is able to weave fine tales that to me seem precisely designed to push all my buttons. She masterfully weaves the macabre with the mundane – an ability I envy and admire at the same time. You know how some authors try too hard to make their stories “weird”? She doesn’t. You read something by Eliza and its just a testament to how the world IS weird and hidden underneath the normal are glimpses of magic.

“The Viewless Dark” is a novella that seems off-putting at first, especially since Flo seemed like one of those “quirky” girls we’ve had a little too much of in these last few years. But just a few pages in and you find that there’s more to everyone, where murder and mayhem march in step with love and friendship and hope.

It is important to note that the story ends in despair plain and simple, and yet as the reader I didn’t mind. Perhaps because Eliza managed to guide us so painstakingly to this conclusion, and you recognise that things simply could not end any other way.


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