Almost 30


Not much to say about this birthday, and it’s sort of fitting because 29 pretty much is a blah year, no?

At this point I don’t have any angst left about growing old, because when I was younger I thought 24 was old and now that I’m way past that age and on my way to 30, it sort of isn’t a big deal anymore. I think this year was kind of a growing-into-my-skin year, where I’m seriously getting more comfortable with who I am and though the usual self-loathing still comes around from time to time, I think I like myself a little bit more now.

I like me, and I’m doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing (which is teaching), and Doctor Who has a very lovely dinosaur-filled episode so all in all it’s an absolutely wonderful day.

Not going to go the usual route and list the gifts I got from people, because despite the lovely gifts I did get (that ukelele is a gift from my dad and I am in love with it) I think the greatest gift I received these past few days was the realisation that I am loved.

Thank you, and happy birthday to me.


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