10 – The Colour of Magic

True to my promise I’ve started reading Terry Pratchett. I picked up the first Discworld novel and started reading a few days ago.

The thing about novels like this one is that it really takes a lot out of me to imagine the universe it’s set in. I have to work incredibly hard just to put things together. Figuring out the “four elephants on a turtle” concept is easy enough, but it took time for me to work on the Rimbow, the Circumference, etc.

I suck at Science, and this from someone who wanted to be a doctor at that. Granted I only wanted to be a doctor so I could cut people up legally but whatever. It took years for people to convince me that we’re not living inside the earth. Crust-mantle-core was not a concept my mind could easily accept. Also, I still don’t know everything about the female anatomy, and I’m a girl.

That said, it took me a bit of time to get going but eventually I just settled in and got into the story. Am I blown away yet? No. I was expecting something like Good Omens but I realise now that that’s an unfair comparison. Discworld is massive and The Colour of Magic is just the first of 33 novels. To require a sense of urgency from the novel is illogical and unnecessary.

The only thing left to do is soldier on and read more of the Discworld novels. 32 to go.


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