Closest Thing to a Religious Experience


My crappy phone couldn’t take an actual picture of the man, but no human recording device can actually capture the religious experience that is seeing Morrissey live.

Up to the very last minute I kept getting this weird feeling that it wasn’t true; that it was an elaborate practical joke. When some idiot played the Tatu cover of “How Soon is Now”, I was all, “well now they’ve done it and he’s walking off”.


Which is why I am tired, sore, and hoarse at the moment.

Opening with “How Soon is Now”, there is simply no proper way of describing what happened last night. Hearing the pain and loneliness in all those Smiths and Morrissey songs is twice as searing when you have the actual man twisting and turning in front of you. I’ve never had “Let Me Kiss You” nearly drive me to tears until last night.

And “Throwing My Arms Around Paris” absolutely destroyed me. When he sang only stone and steel accept my love, I think rejection took a hold of my heart and squeezed. Hard.

I had stopped singing along by the time we got to “I Know It’s Over”, partly because I was hoarse, but mostly because hearing him sing with such passion was divine.

He left then returned for an encore and there was pandemonium as he launched into “There is a Light that Never Goes Out”. To be honest, this song alone was worth the price of admission. I was just gone.

Then he left, and we stood there, shocked.


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