Soundtrack Syndrome

I’m quite particular about the music I like. I’m not very good with labels so it’s hard for me to classify my type of music, but I’m a big fan of punk, rock, and Brit pop. Favourite bands: The Beatles (of course), The Smiths, Stone Roses, Stereophonics, The Wombats, Nirvana, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, and a bunch of local bands like The Eraserheads and Parokya in Edgar.

I also seem to have a thing for angsty ladies, so a lot of Kate Nash, Liz Phair, Lily Allen, La Roux, Florence + The Machine, and Adele on my iPod.

Anyway, I recently realised that I’m so easily affected by soundtracks that I sometimes fall in love with songs that are completely out of character for me. Usually, these are the songs that encapsulate a particular emotion or memory that I associate with the film or TV show, and I end up playing the song on my iPod for days on end. And these are songs I would never have noticed or (in the case of James Blunt) liked at all.

Here’s my top five, but in no particular order:

    1. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli) – from Ten Things I Hate About You, which I now find difficult to watch because HEATH! *cry* That scene where he runs around like a lunatic and sings this song to win back Kat is absolute perfection.
    2. Whole Wide World (Wreckless Eric) – from Stranger than Fiction. I honestly didn’t think Will Ferrell could pull it off, but this is one of the sweetest movies I’ve ever seen. And yes, this entire post was created just so I can include this pic.


    3. High (James Blunt) – I’m not a James Blunt fan. I I actually downloaded his album and tried to give it a listen, but I couldn’t go two rounds without wanting to murder the person next to me. Still, this is one my favourite songs in the world, even if it has the classic Blunt falsetto all over it. From one of my favourite teen movies, It’s a Boy-Girl Thing.
    4. Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch) – Buffy. Spike. “I want you/ but I’m not giving in this time.” Then she kissed him.
    5. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – the ultimate cheese. From Mannequin 2. Well, Mannequin, really, but I saw the second movie first, the one with my darling Kristy Swanson, so that’s what I’ll associate this song with for always. This is my favourite cheesy song of all time, and I sing at karaoke all the time.

So… what’s your cheese?


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