02 – On People Named Will Grayson

The thing I love most about David Levithan novels is that his characters are never static. By the time the last page rolls around, his characters have changes — for better or worse, there is change.

In Will Grayson, Will Grayson, levithan teams up with another YA author, John Green. In a nutshell: two kids named Will Grayson, one straight and one gay. Both love a large and flamboyant gay kid named Tiny Cooper, but in very different ways.

Grayson is alternately hopeful and lovelorn; wretched and beautiful. It mixes a surprisingly insightful yet occasionally naive understanding of life and love and pain. Of course, at some point one wonders whether such intelligent (albeit fucked up) and insightful teenagers actually exist, but Levithan and Green successfully draw you into a world wherein you simply cannot help but care.

Levithan has always been an easy read, and this team up with Green is no less adorable. I think sometimes YA gets flak because it’s not “smart” or “intellectual” enough, but that’s bullshit.

In any case, Green and Levithan masterfully brought these characters to life, sharing with us their pain and joy and weaknesses and love, and sometimes, no matter how old you are, these things ring true.


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