The Book Reading Project 2000!!!

Because 2012 doesn’t have that nice ring to it, like 2000 does. So futuristic, even if it’s a dozen years behind.

Enough with the patter. I’ve decided to have a book reading goal this year, because it keeps me busy and happy, to a certain degree. Makes me feel productive, even. I like duping myself.

And of course, books are great. No arguments necessary.

Anyway, this year I decided to read fifty books: 5-0. Because I can only count in fives and tens, so fifty seemed like a good number. Some rules for this challenge:

  1. Must include the Four Classics of Chinese literature, i.e. Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dream of the Red Chamber, and Journey to the West. Bonus book is Plum in the Golden Vase — the unofficial fifth classic and China’s oldest erotica. I’m halfway through Water Margin, and most of the books I’ve already read in part, but none in full. This should be interesting.

  2. Should include at least five to ten books published in 2012.
  3. Should include a few local books.

  4. Must not be books I’ve read in full before, unless said reading was done in grade or high school, in which case it’s fine. This means no Pride and Prejudice this year. Maybe Emma. I was thinking of giving Wuthering Heights another try, too.

  5. Must include the Russian classics I keep trying to avoid. Like Anna Karenina. Might throw in a few more of Chekhov’s short stories.

I’m still contemplating whether or not my project should include graphic novels, because if yes, this is the year I finally make my way through Watchmen.

The reward for completing this book project: more books, silly.

If you have suggestions for books to read, let me know.


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