Hey There, 2012 (The Coherent Version)

2011 is over, and it’s time to make mistakes writing the date again.

It’s been a year of firsts:

  • First time to teach (after years of moping about not teaching)
  • First time to go overseas with the whole family

But as the year drew to a close, I sort of realized that 2011 is the year I coasted. For years I kind of always had a goal in mind, which is to graduate and complete my Masters degree. Now that it’s done, it seemed like I had nothing to look forward to anymore and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

Because as I’ve mentioned, it’s all been about getting from one level to another for me, and now that the next level is unclear I’m completely stymied. So I mostly coasted, although it’s been a tough balancing act of a year handling several jobs, and I think I made up for the lack of goal with a bunch of projects to keep me busy.

So 2012.

I still don’t have a goal, but I guess I’m choosing to be more productive this year, in a long term sense. I want to do things I like,

rather than just spend my time working and making money and spending it then back to square one.

I’m not saying I know this year’s going to get better, but I know this year’s going to get better, because I will make it better.

It’s up to me.


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