Un-Living Undead

Written November 23, 2011

Finished “Post-Mortal”. It’s not that the book isn’t good. It just feels a little too… amateur?

The writing style was occasionally jarring. The use of first person narrative was necessary but ended up a little distracting. Am I supposed to believe that the protagonist took time to record his thoughts while under attack and bleeding to death?

It’s a book with a great idea, definitely, and it’s a really entertaining read. The execution was lacking, unfortunately, and I felt that there was so much more to post-mortality not discussed.

A detached post-apocalyptic world of cannibals, real life trolls, and a deadly plague barely makes an emotional impact. Maybe that’s how far removed we really are. Maybe our dystopia will be viewed through Youtube and updates on Twitter.

Which is quite unfortunate, because then it is difficult establishing a connection with the protagonist. The only time he appears human is when he confronts the troll who attacked him, grinning like a maniac at the prospect of vengeance and violence.

The rest of the time, he’s completely off. He’s narrating, telling us how he feels but never actually showing anything. Here the old adage “show, don’t tell” is roughly thrown to the wayside.

“Post-Mortal” isn’t a lousy book by any means. It’s just that it touches on a truly terrifying possibility for the future, but squanders the opportunity to make us care.


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